Tordek Ironfist

War Cleric Dwarf


War Cleric, 4’1", 145 lbs


The last of my clan, the only survivor of an ambush on my home by dark forces. Left for dead, I was denied final release by my god, who whispered to me as I lay there, broken, that it was not my time to die.

Nursed back to life, I have dedicated my life and my path to seeking revenge on those who destroyed my clan. I have given all in my worship of Duerra, and throw myself willingly at her mercy. I will seek out all enemies and destroy them without thought, I will find the Hammer taken from my homeland by these evil fores, and I will finally achieve the perfect blackness of death that my deity has promised me as I continue to serve in her name.

Her rule is paramount above all. I am her disciple, her prophet, and her weapon of vengeance. Fear my name. I may be the last thing you ever see.

Tordek Ironfist

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