Balin Ironshield

Mountain Dwarf Fighter (Battle Master)


Balin Ironshield
Mountain Dwarf – Skmiethr
Age: 150
Height: 4’10"
Weight: 150 lb.
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Hair: Red

  • He is a former captain from the Fighting Nine’s company of the Skmiethr Militia, who has left the military and is now on a personal quest for vengeance.
  • He is a fierce fighter, and a highly capable commander who’s strategic & tactical decisions helped turn the tide of many different battles for his former company. He was a valued member of his commanding officer’s (Thorin Graymaul) inner circle, and many believed he was the next in line to take over command responsibilities.
  • 10 years ago, well he was away and taking part in a small council meeting, his company was ambushed by a large war party of Duergar. His men had been tasked with the defense of Iron Peak Keep, one of the crucial fortifications that guards access into and out of the Skmiethr Kingdom. The Duergar appear to have tunneled into the keep itself, and attacked the defenses from within with overwhelming force. All 100 of his men gave their life that day to this cowardly act of treachery. By the time he arrived with reinforcements, the Duergar had gone, leaving only the bodies of his men and any of the attackers that had fallen in battle. The Duergar bodies all contained a pendant with an unknown symbol of a two-headed serpent.
  • No one knows what the Duergar were after that fateful day, but immediately thereafter he resigned his commission and swore an oath of vengeance to avenge his men. He has spent the past decade on the road, chasing down any rumour of the Duergar or the two-headed serpent symbol.
  • He’s slow to trust, and has become jaded and sombre while on his quest. He takes odd jobs wherever he can find them, selling his services as a smith / jeweler, and using the skills that he learned in Skmiethr as a young man.

Balin Ironshield

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