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I have wandered the world of Anthem, beyond the borders of Kanthar and across the uncharted oceans and seas. There is great beauty in our world, but also great danger. We have uncovered but an insignificant fraction of the secrets that Anthem holds, but we consider ourselves the masters of our lands, safe behind walls of wood and stone. Yet every night, we peer out into the darkness and hope that nothing from out there gets in. We are the center of the universe.

How foolish. I pray we learn quickly before the truth destroys us.

The Wanderer’s Journal, Date Unknown

While the Order of the Historians cannot determine how long the world of Anthem has existed, they can say that the first recorded history on Kanthar began with the giants over 50,000 years ago. The continent has changed since those times, but the back and forth between kingdoms and races, the slaughter of people for territory and control, have never ceased. History is filled with stories of battles fought and wars waged.

Today, the kingdoms and nations of Kanthar are at a relative peace. Even the savage races are quiet and the lonely roads between cities are only dangerous to the foolhardy or unlucky. Some say it is the coming of an age of peace and prosperity.

Most believe that the world is holding its breath. Welcome to Anthem… may you survive the journey.

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