Tag: Dwarf


  • Skmiethr

    [[File:372340 | class=media-item-align-none | Skmiethr.png]] The stronghold of Skmiethr is located high in the [[Jotunkarr Mountains]].

  • Freehold

    The Freehold Alliance is a collection of independent towns and cities in western Kanthar, banded together for mutual support and defense. The Alliance signatories are made up of mostly human, halfling, and dwarf settlements.

  • Duerra

    [[File:372337 | class=media-item-align-none | Duerra.png]] Duerra, also known as Deep Duerra, is the dwarven goddess of conquest and war. While hill and mountain dwarves pay lip service to her, she is well worshipped by the duergar, who eshew worship …

  • Soulhammer

    Soulhammer is a demipower of the dwarven pantheon, most commonly associated with Moradin, and is more a title rather than a specific person or entity. The hero who wields Moradin's magnificent warhammer is granted powers and worship, so the name carries …

  • Balin Ironshield

    * He is a former captain from the Fighting Nine’s company of the [[Skmiethr]] Militia, who has left the military and is now on a personal quest for vengeance. * He is a fierce fighter, and a highly capable commander who’s strategic & tactical decisions …

  • Tordek Ironfist

    The last of my clan, the only survivor of an ambush on my home by dark forces. Left for dead, I was denied final release by my god, who whispered to me as I lay there, broken, that it was not my time to die. Nursed back to life, I have dedicated my …